Co-ed theatre camp maine, NH acting camp, performing arts summer camp on Crescent Lake in Maine, drawing campers from Seacoast NH, Maine, New England. Performing Arts Summer Camp in Maine offers a traditional experience at camp agawam that teaches positive life and leadership skills, acting, music, performance skills, musical theatre, dance, creative writing, film making, creative arts, water sports and more.

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studios and masterclasses

Alexis Teaching

Theater Dance Studio

Explores the many avenues of dance used in musical theater. Using jazz, tap and improv, this Studio develops combinations to some of Broadways classic and contemporary hits with opportunities to perform in talent shows and the Final Showcase.

Musical Theater Studio

Combines singing techniques with movement and dance, while exploring character development through warm-up exercises, improvisation and theater games. Musical numbers with featured solos will be rehearsed and performed in talent shows and the Final Showcase.

Creative Writing Studio

Provides an atmosphere where campers are encouraged to have their voices heard. From poetry to song lyrics to guerrilla writing to interview techniques - campers use their creative writing skills, life experiences, theatrical abilities, camp experiences and sense of humor to create the "CCS Enquirer".

Exploring Art Studio

Nurtures every camper's creativity with a wide variety of activities, from traditional to contemporary. Creative expression is a wonderful way for camper to enhance their sense of self. Art activities include: greeting card making, duct tape construction, mask-making, sketching, stamping, the art of trash and much more!

Exploring Acting & Theater Games Studio

Allows campers to explore their fundamental tools: voice, body and imagination in this active, high-energy studio. Campers will focus on how to build a believable character along with script analysis. Campers will also be exposed to many of creativity building theater games and activities.

Trash Band Studio

Creates an ensemble of rhythm with creative sounds of buckets, trash barrels, tin cans, and much more! 0ne camper's trash is another camper's treasure! Campers develop percussion techniques, listening skills, and cooperation while working towards a final performance piece! Who knew trash could be this fun?!

Film Making MasterClass

Explores the film-making process from beginning to end by helping campers develop a narrative into a storyboard, casting it, shooting it, and finally, editing it. Various aspects of media will be practiced - from camera work to screen acting - with opportunities available on both sides of the camera. Final products from this MasterClass will be included on the CCS DVD! (must be 12 or older)

More Musical Theater MasterClass

Takes campers' musical theater performance skills to the next level. Make your musical number stand out by strategically combining strong singing skills with dance and movement. Campers will develop a warm-up routine as well as relaxation practices in preparation for auditions. Performance pieces will be rehearsed and performed for camp talent shows and the final Showcase. (must be 12 or older or have minimum 3 years dance experience).

Acting on the Next Level MasterClass

Explores character development, script analysis and monologue preparation. Campers learn vocal, physical and mental skills which help create a character from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes. Relaxation, focus and creativity games will also be used. (must be 12 or older or have a minimum 2 years class experience).

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The mission of Camp Centerstage, a performing arts camp maine, is achieving excellence through the arts by being a premier NH acting camp, a maine performing arts camp, and nh theatre camp, while guiding campers to explore and share their gifts of music, acting, arts, and friendship. As a premier acting camp NH, we offer Masterclasses, Music, dance, theater, writing and arts curriculum, daily workshops, piano/keyboard studio, Media and film studio, Camper and staff talent shows, Arts and Crafts, sports and group activities, Movie night, theme dances, Off-campus field trips, Daily swimming and waterfront opportunities. Join the Camp CenterStage Email List and stay up on the latest theatre camp NH activities.