Co-ed theatre camp maine, NH acting camp, performing arts summer camp on Crescent Lake in Maine, drawing campers from Seacoast NH, Maine, New England. Performing Arts Summer Camp in Maine offers a traditional experience at camp agawam that teaches positive life and leadership skills, acting, music, performance skills, musical theatre, dance, creative writing, film making, creative arts, water sports and more.

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CIT & LIT Programs & Application Process

CIT/LIT Application Package Deadline: February 15
(View the Application Checklist Below)

CIT Program

Camp CenterStage Counselors-In-Training (CIT's) are senior campers (16 and 17 years old) who are ready to explore what it takes to be an outstanding CCS counselor. The CCS CIT program strives to train young men and women to become effective and talented camp counselors. CIT's play an extremely important role in leading and mentoring campers. Some of these responsibilities include: assisting Counselors with cabin projects, checking in with campers throughout the day, and participating in activities and talent shows. CIT's are also responsible for designing and running two of the camp's evening activities.

The CIT's role at camp is to learn about the camp program, mission, and how to effectively teach, coach, and counsel campers. Part of our Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Program provides CIT's an opportunity to shadow our trained camp Counselors and learn more about being a Counselor themselves, while gaining a new perspective on camp. CIT's also participate in leadership training, which allows them to gain skills that they can use in their every day lives. Although CIT's are still officially "campers", they receive a discounted registration tuition, have increased responsibilities, while also enjoying all the fun of being a camper!

Counselor-in-Training program lasts for up to two summers depending on the age at which a camper joins (either sixteen or seventeen years old). CITs are encourage to apply to be an LIT (Leader in Training) after one or two years of CIT training. Our goal is to have a CIT finish the program having acquired all the necessary skills to become an effective and talented counselor at Camp CenterStage. We believe that the camp and camper benefit from a successful CIT program.


  • Observe a variety of different activity areas
  • Set and meet personal and camp program goals (katiaki)
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead a small group activity (individually)
  • Assist with cabin duties
  • Actively participate in CIT discussions/meetings daily
  • Complete an evaluation with the CIT supervisor
  • Successfully plan and execute an all-camp event (as a CIT group)


  • Gain experiential learning by shadowing and assisting staff
  • Observe staff teaching and coaching techniques
  • Participate in activities, special events, trips, studios, masterclasses, workshops cabin living, and special CIT meetings
  • Meet with fellow CITs, mentors, and supervisors
  • Get feedback and assessments from peers, supervisors, and self

LIT Program

The CCS LIT program is geared toward a second or third year CIT's who are 17 or 18 years old. LITs take a leadership role at CCS, participating in a similar capacity to a full staff member; but they will have less responsibility supervising campers and more emphasis on leadership training.

Meetings between all LITs and the LIT mentor take place daily. Additionally, the LIT mentor or other staff member will meet individually with each LIT at least twice during the camp experience to assess his/her progress and learning. The purpose of the daily meetings vary but they are essential to the structure of the LIT program in promoting the exchange of ideas and learning amongst the LITs. Guest counselors will attend the discussion section of the meetings to share their ideas about being a leader or offer specific guidance on topics or situations that may arise. Meetings may be about planning camp events, discussing a teaching technique, goal setting and leadership skills, or resolving a problem when one arises.


  • Share a cabin with only LITs and the LIT mentor
  • Participate in evening activities based on an individual team (ie: LITs are assigned to a team and to a cabin from that team)
  • Be in small mentor group which will organize activities for youngest mentor groups in addition to meeting every morning as a small group
  • Have a mentor/coach who will work exclusively with LIT group
  • Have first-hand experiences with planning, organizing and executing our Community Service Outreach Day
  • Have opportunities to facilitate morning assembly as well as lead morning activities
  • Be instrumental in organizing Dining Hall operations in regards to setting up for dance rehearsals and meal time (not replacing evening servers or cabin set up)
  • Participate in the True Colors International personality and leadership assessment
  • Have opportunity for one morning hike exclusive for LITs
  • Participate in all "special" CIT evening program such as movie social, campfire, and other CIT privileges
  • Participate in team building experiences such as problem solving, ropes course, and goal setting
  • Gain skills as a public speakers, leaders, students and productive citizens
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Understand better ways to communicate and relate with others
  • Learn team building techniques
  • Learn conflict resolution strategies

CIT & LIT Application Checklist

CIT/LIT Application Deadline: February 15
* Application must be completed by the applicant themselves - no parents please!


  • CIT applicants must be at least 16 years of age during the camp session you're applying for, unless a special invitation is offered.
  • LIT applicants must have at least 1 year experience as a CIT at CCS.
  • CIT and LIT Tuition is $950.
  • Tuition adjustments will be made once accepted into the program.
  • NOTE: Application and references MUST be completed by the applicant themselves, not parents!


  1. REGISTER: Register for camp! Follow the instructions on our Registration Page.
    • If you have an existing account, please login to this same account.
    • Be sure to check the "YES" box when asking if you're applying to be a CIT.
    • If this is your first time at CCS, setup a new account on our Registration Website.
    • NOTE: During registration you will be asked for the emails for your 2 references - please have those ready.
  2. APPLICATION: Complete your Online Application.
    • You don't have to complete the application during registration; you may come back and edit it later.
    • The data in your application is reset/cleared each year.
  3. REFERENCES: Enter the name and email for TWO references.
    • All references are handled electronically during the registration process.
    • If you don't have your 2 reference emails ready when you register, you can enter your own email address, and then go back and enter the correct email address at a later time.
    • Two references must be submitted each year.
    • Some suggested people to provide your references: teacher, coach, director, music teacher, pastor, family friend, employer, etc.

If you have any questions regarding this process, or camp responsibilities, you may contact us at any time by e-mailing

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